Who We Are
Starfish Collaborative is a compassionate partnership, led by Karen C. Prior, among a collective of nonprofit consulting professionals. Our diverse experiences and skills allow our team to create a customized and effective strategy targeted for the needs of your organization. In our work together we make change possible for your organization and the communities you serve.

This is the #Starfisheffect.
What We Do
We believe every nonprofit has a story to tell, and that story has the power to connect people within a common cause. A well-told story is more than just a summary of events: it is the authentic voice of the nonprofit. It communicates a clear commitment to mission; it demonstrates measurable impact; it conveys and fosters empathy. Story is the root of relationships. And relationships are the key to nonprofit success.

Board Development | Capital Campaigns | Donor Database (CRM) Assessment | Facilitation | Fundraising and Development | Grantwriting | Marketing & Communications | Stakeholder Engagement | Strategic Planning | Strategic Story Telling
Why We Do It
The role between consultant and nonprofit is, itself, a compassionate partnership. It begins with listening, to capture a deep understanding of your organization and your mission. This is the foundation with which we develop a customized, appropriate and sustainable framework to enable you to deliver your mission, achieve your objectives, enhance your impact and tell your story. This is what we do well. This is the work that ignites us.